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Quality Boer Goats 
along with a few AKC Golden Retrievers and Rabbits
        Welcome to Mayhem Farms
                  Jeremy, Angel 
          Brooke, Maddi and Nahla
If you’re looking quality animals from a family friendly farm, you’ve come to the right place. At Mayhem Farms we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer quality Boer and Pygmy goats along with a few AKC Golden Retrievers pups and rabbits.  Mayhem Farms has been located in Belle Center since 2007. Let us put our experience to work for you.
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Mayhem Farms         
20583 Township Road 119
Belle Center, Ohio 43310  
937-935-7228 - Jeremy  
     Our daughter decided to try goats for 4H in 2009 and well, we loved them so we started are own herd.  We obtained a few females and a buck from KB Boers at their dispersal sale.  After a couple years, we started to look around and really like the look of the dappled / spotted boers so now we are in the process of raising unique weather boers for 4H and breeding programs.  We obtained a dappled buck from MAX Boer goats in 2011 and just about ever kid out of him has been multi-colored.  We obtained another dappled buck "Rock Show" from MAX boer goats in 2013.  In 2015, we obtained another dappled buck "DL Crazy Horse" from Davidson Livestock.  And in 2017, we will be looking for another great dappled buck to add to our genetics.
     In the fall of 2016, we purchased two bred does from Fledderjohann Show Goats and hope to be bring some wether genetics within the next couple of years along with our breeding dappled program.  They will be seperate programs here on the farm and while we strive to bring the best boer goats to the industry.
Boer Story
AKC Golden Retriever Story
     Our first love was dogs.  We started with a lab and a Golden and after a tragedy, we decided on getting another Golden, Well true to our name, things got alittle crazy and we decided to raise two puppies at the same time.  Both girls are now experienced mothers with unique personalities.
Updated 2-10-18
ROWE Feed Story
     During the spring of 2012, I was introduced to a new feed - ROWE feed - by another goat breeder and started using it for my goats and then my daughters 4-H pigs.  I was so impressed how the feed did and that it cost less than every feed out there that I decided to become a dealer.  I had been traveling over 30 minutes to get this feed but it was worth it.  Now that I am a dealer, take a look at our ROWE page and see what all the fuse is about.  I compared feeds before changing and your welcome to do the same.  You'll find out it is just as good if not better and CHEAPER so if you want to increase your profit by not spending so much on feed give me a call.

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     02-10-18, Female Golden is SOLD
     02-06-18, Pure Breed Golden Retriever puppies for sale - see Golden Retriever page
     01-18-18, New phone number for Rabbits - Bob Payne 937-935-9114, watch our puppy page we be posting
     04-09-16, We have PUPPIES - Golden Retrievers now taking deposits see our Golden page
     03-31-16, Updated for Sale page - wethers posted for the The Champaign County Goat auction