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Babies of Mayhem Farms
Updated 01-03-16
       2015   4-H dairy beef feeders
We plan to get 1 more and will update then.  This will be Brooke's last year and first year to take her dairy beef feeder from last year now over 1000 lbs, good luck girl.
         **We are always looking for good names for our goats so if you have a creative mind and send us an email and let us know and we might just use it for our goats.**
              Trina's Babies (born 12-21-15)
  2-Bucks.  Both bucks will be a great 4H baby.
               Ginger's Babies (born 12-19-15)
  1-doe, 1 buck.  The buck (paint with dappled ear) is sold and going to be a breeders when older.  
              White Ear's Babies (born 12-25-15)
  2-does.  We plan to retain these baby for now.  
Kidding has started for 2016