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We occasionally have brown egg to sell and if your intested let us know.  We do not maintain chickens during the winter months as of right now; however, starting in April we will be getting a few hens which will produce more eggs than we can use. So if you would like to get some farm fresh eggs let us know if we can help you.
$2.00 a dozen
Hay and Straw
Mayhem Farms does make hay when the weather is good.  We also sell Straw if we find enough to make or buy.  I will post prices up here when I have any available.  
Updated 01-03-16
Currently we don't have any hay for sale.​
We just got our four chickens and already producing eggs.  If you would like some farm fresh eggs give us a call. 
            STRAW is GONE for now

Website Design
  Do you like our website?  Have you always wanted one but thought they were to expensive?  I've had several people say they like this website so I am offering to set up one for you for $350. (I might also consider trades, if you have goats especially but possible other items worth the same.)  After it is set up, you will then pay 5.99 a month for website and another 1.99 for the doman so a total of 7.98 a month to  

  For the initial price, I will come out to your farm or business and take several pictures and we will discuss how you would like it set up.  For the monthly price, it allows you to have 5 pages.  As you can see from my website we have 12.  If you have a FaceBook page, we can add it also to the website.  Everything you see on our webpage we can do to yours.

  Is it really worth it?  No comparasion, you will be shocked by the number of visites you get.  We are now averaging around 250 visits per week.  People call all most daily for one thing or the other that they see on our website.  It may cost over $100 a year to have a site; however, you will sell more than that once people start going to your website.

  Once you are set up, I can show you how to change things or for a fee, you can call/email me and I can go in and change them for you.  Changes can be done all the time, any time, as long as I have internet.

  If you are interested, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss.