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     During 2012 I was introduced to a new feed called ROWE feed when I puchased a goat from another supplier.  After getting on ROWE's website and comparing all the ingrediates.  I found it to be the same if not better than the local feed that I was buying at TSC, Kings Feed or a Kent supplier.  So I starting looking around for supplier and found one thirty minutes away.  I found the feed was actually $1-3 less a 50 lb bag.  So I started using ROWE feed for not only my goats but also for the my daughters 4-H pigs.  That same year, my daughter won Lightweight Grand Champion Gilt at the Logan County Fair.  The goats also did good winning.
     By far I was impressed with this feed so I deceided to see if I could become a supplier because I was traveling 30 minutes to get my feed which involved alot of gas.

      So the Fall 2012, I was granted permission to become a dealer and since then I have been promoting ROWE feed to the area.
     This site may not give you all the detail as you would like to find out so please visit (or click the ROWE logo above) to  find out more details about the feed.
     What this site will do is give you a copy of the tags that I have sold before and a price so you can compare yourself.  We do deliver feed if you order more than 10 bags and live in Logan and/or southern Hardin County, Ohio.  We may deliver else where depends on location and amount of feed.
​Updated 07-03-17
     ROWE feed sales for all livestock including cattle, horses, chickens, goats, pigs, alpacas, sheep and deer.  Take a look at ROWE's website and I can get whatever they have listed.  They also have corn, oats, other ingredients and carry SUNGLO products.
By clicking this it will redirect you to ROWE webiste.
By clicking this it will redirect you to ROWE webiste.
     Brooke won Light Weight Champion Gilt and Champion Scramble Pig at the Logan County Fair using ROWE Show Pig 18%.

     Brooke's Scamble pig was 50 pounds more than any other pig in her class with the help of ROWE feed.
     Brooke's Light Weight Champion Gilt at the Logan County Fair using ROWE Show Pig 18%.

     Thanks Bates Show Pigs for producing great pigs.
      If you have a particular feed that you are feeding and would like to compare feed labels/ingrediates give me a call or send me an email with your current brand and we will match it with the closest product ROWE has and it will most likely be cheaper than what your using.
         How can the feed be cheaper?  

Simple, it's all word of mouth.  They don't do much advertising as most people have not heard of them, YET that is.  There are no fancy bags for each feed, they are all the same and the tags are the only difference.

     But as you can read on their website, they're success stories of using these feed is growing more and more.
More common feed available:  (all 50 lb bags)
     Rowe 12% BHG--All species complete $10.50
     Rowe 12% Sweet BHG                             $11.50

     Rowe 18% Show Lamb                             $17.00
     Star Glo                                                       $60.00

     Rowe 17% Layer (Pellet)                           $13.00
     Rowe 22% Chicken Starter (Meal)         $14.00
     Oyster Shell (50 lb bag)(or .25 lb)          $12.00

     14% Goat (used for maintaining)           $13.00
     18% Show Goat (used for show feed)    $14.00
      Goat Breeding Mineral                            $28.25
More common feed available:  (all 50 lb bags)
     Crates Jackpot .49 DX                              $13.00 

     Rowe 14% Pig Grower                               $11.75
     Rowe 16% Show Pig .95                            $15.50
     Rowe 18% Show Pig 1.13                           $16.00

     Rowe Rabbit 16-18 Omega                      $14.00
     Rowe Omega 17% High Fiber Rabbit    $16.50

     Cracked Corn                                             $9.50
     Beet Pulp                                                    $14.00