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 Call Jeremy: 937-935-7228
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  2014 Logan County Fair 
Reserved Grand Champion
 over all fancy breeds.  
Not for sale, used for breeding.
Breeding Box $6-10 depends on size
     If intested in rabbits or boxes give Bob a call at 937-592-2332 and see what he can do for you.
Bob Payne  
917 North Main Street
Bellefontaine, Ohio 43310
Updated 1-18-18
S & B Rabbitry
     Rabbits are raised in a temperature controlled setting with automatic watering system and not over crowded.  If your just getting started or have rabbits and want to talk rabbit stuff, give Bob a call.  I'm sure he always has time to talk about rabbits.
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Netherland Dwarf babies no pedigrees $20

Netherland Dwarf  Sr. Bucks/Does $40 w/pedigree
Netherland Dwarf  Jr. Bucks/Does $40  w/pedigree
    **(Now that we have been hitting the show circuit and and doing great, we sell out of babies quickly so call to get on waiting list if interested.)
  Bob Payne is Mayhem Farms father/grandfather and rabbits are raised at his location so it is best to contact him directly when dealing with rabbits.  Thanks Jeremy
Tattoo box - $35, just starting making.  Makes tattooing easy for one person.
                                  S&B SO - doe
10-4-15  Best of Group - Southwestern Ohio Rabbit Breeder
10-4-15  Best of Variety - Southwestern Ohio Rabbit Breeder
​8-29-15  Best of Breed - Sandusky Valley Rabbit Breeder
8-29-15  Best of Group - Sandusky Valley Rabbit Breeder
8-29-15  Best of Variety - Sandusky Valley Rabbit Breeder

Meet some of our show stock
2015 Logan County Fair
 1st Place Netherland Dwarf
 Doe and Buck

                      Cami's Dylan (DL) - doe

2-13-16   Best of Group/Best of Variety/Best of Breed 
                (Leg Won) - HCHRA Open A Show
2-13-16   Best of Group/Best of Variety/Best Opp of Breed
                (Leg Won) - HCHRA Open B Show
12-31-15  Best of Group/Best of Variety (Leg won)
                 - Golden Prairie Rabbit Breeder

                                  S&B SV - doe
2-13-16  Best Opp of Group - HCHRA Open B Show
2-13-16  Best Opp of Variety - HCHRA Open B Show (Leg Won)

2016 Logan County Fair
 1st Place Netherland Dwarf