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Rowe Feed - Labels
  What this page will do is give you a copy of the tags, that I have sold before so you can compare yourself.  We do deliver feed to your house if you buy more than 10 bags and you live in Logan and/or Southern Hardin County.  We may decide to deliver feed outside these areas if we are going by and if it is a large number of bags.
Most common used Rabbit Feed
Used to maintain goats

Used for show goats and I use while nursing
Complete creep feed for Beef, Horses and Goats

Used to start calf's
    off on grain

  As I sell more feed I will try and update this page to reflex the most often used feed that I sell so you can see what most individuals are using; however, I can order anything from ROWE so if you see something give me a call.
By clicking this it will redirect you to ROWE website.
By clicking this it will redirect you to ROWE website.
Update 01-03-16
   Oyster Shell for
    your chickens

Used after 18%
   Calf Starter

Used for Laying hens
         What I use, also used for Turkeys/ducks

Used for raising pigs

Used for Show Pigs

Pig Pusher
Will increase weight gain per day.

Used to top dress Sheep and goats